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MOZEFO project is implemented by conducting a biennial forum composed of three blocks: economic, social and cultural. To prepare the forum, there is a promotion of a thematic cycle of conferences dealing with strategic issues for the growth and development of the country. On the other hand, MOZEFO places a bet on a strong editorial component for the dissemination and access to information through SOICO group multimedia channels and other media partners, as well as the publication of themed books based on the results of the conferences and debates of the Forum.

First Edition – 2015 MOZEFO

The preparatory cycle for the Grand MOZEFO Forum 2015 included the completion of five thematic conferences on strategic sectors of the Mozambican economy: energy resources; agriculture; Infrastructure and logistics; financial services; and tourism. The conferences were held in a hybrid model: on the first day, a high-level restricted session involving main public and private stakeholders from each sector; on the second day, MOZEFO held a conference at University in the form of open debate to the public with live coverage countrywide and abroad, as well as livestreaming on the Internet. The cycle of conferences led to the Great Forum under the theme "The Future is Now. Humanizing Growth ".

Second Edition - 2017 MOZEFO

The second edition of MOZEFO takes place over the biennium 2016-17, aimed at economic development and enhancement of partnerships, especially the golden triangle: Government, Private Sector and Civil Society. The specific objective is to consolidate and extend the platform for dialogue created during the first edition. Thus, the issue will be held under the theme "Bridges for Economic Development" and will feature an international conference cycle, in Portugal, South Africa, United Arab Emirates and China. The purpose is to foresee the long term growth of Mozambique, based on diversification of the economy and strengthening economic links with contributing countries to the growth of the country. The second edition will lead to the 2017 MOZEFO Grand Forum scheduled for November 2017.