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MOZEFO conference discusses economic relations between Mozambique and South Africa

01 Jun 2017

RSA Minister of Industry and Commerce highlights efforts of both countries to facilitate business

More than 120 South African and Mozambican entrepreneurs attended the second MOZEFO international conference in Sandton, South Africa today.

The event was attended by the Minister of Industry and Trade of South Africa, Rob Davies, who highlighted in his speech the efforts of the two countries to facilitate business. He spoke of meetings between the Heads of State of the two countries that have been adopting measures and policies to make life easier for investors. He cited the meeting of the Joint Commission which involves some key ministries in the cooperation between the two countries that identified some agreements that should be updated, highlighting the Trade Agreement in force since 2005 and that needs revision to take into account the current context and cover new Areas of trade cooperation.

The South African minister also said that both countries should cherish the private sector and that was the reason for their presence at the conference and praised the Soico Group's initiative to help cement relations between Mozambique and South Africa. The commitment of their country to support the SADC industrialization strategy and therefore have been persuading South African industrialists to invest in countries in the region where there are opportunities. In Mozambique it is no exception.

Soico's PCA in its speech said that the objective of the conference was to show the opportunities that exist in Mozambique and to improve the trade, cooperation and solidarity that has always characterized relations between both countries. < P>

Daniel David highlighted the fact that Mozambique is a country with a dynamic economy that seeks to diversify its economy and a legal framework that protects and stimulates foreign investment.

Mozambique's ambassador to South Africa, Paulino Macaringue, thanked the Soico Group for its efforts and said that the Mozambican government is doing everything it can to attract ever more investment and is open to building the future of the country. Hands with the South African partners.

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