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South Africa hosts 2nd Mozefo International Conference today

30 Mai 2017

More than 120 South African and Mozambican investors expected today at the second Mozefo international conference

The Mozambican Economic and Social Forum (Mozefo) is hosting the second international conference in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa today, after a year ago held in Cascais, Portugal.

The conference is subordinate to the theme "Mozambique-South Africa: building bridges to economic development" and should include as speakers the South African Minister for Industry and Trade, Rob Davies, who lived in Mozambique in the apartheid era; The high commissioner of Mozambique in South Africa, Paulino Macaringue; And the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Soico group, Daniel David.

The forum will feature a panel discussion, which will have as keynote speakers the president of the Executive Committee of Millennium bim, José Reino da Costa, and the economist and former director general of the defunct Office of Economic Zones of Accelerated Development, Danilo Nalá. The panel will also be composed of Osório Lucas, chairman of the Executive Committee of the Port of Maputo; Rui Barros, Chairman of Barclays Executive Committee; Osvaldo Correia, coordinator of the Single Stop Project at the Border of Ressano Garcia, and Nuno Vaz, member of the Executive Committee of Millennium bim.

There will also be a question and answer session with Barclays Corporate and Banking Investment Regional Director for Africa, Savior Chibiya, and the closing notes will be the responsibility of the high commissioner of the Republic of South Africa in Mozambique, Mandisi Mpahlwa .

More than 120 South African and Mozambican investors are expected to attend and the conference will produce proposals and recommendations for the deepening and growth of bilateral relations between Mozambique and South Africa in order to promote the economic growth of both Nations.

According to Cristiana Pereira, director of Mozefo, it is also the goal of the initiative to bring the country closer to investors and show another side of Mozambique, dynamic, competitive and embedded in a global economy, taking into account the strategic importance South Africa has for sustainable growth Of Mozambique. On the other hand, "the economic outlook needs to be cleared up to the end of the year, to present some investment opportunities and then to look at what measures can be taken to deepen this trade and economic relationship," he said.

According to Cristiana Pereira, the event is very focused on the CEOs of large companies headquartered in South Africa of several sectors, which include energy, logistics, infrastructure, retail, tourism, among other sectors important for the growth of Mozambique.

It is recalled that trade relations between Mozambique and South Africa date back to colonial times, when the country exported labor to the South African mines, going through the time of our country's support for the fight against Apartheid , Which resulted in sacrifices relevant to Mozambicans. In the post-apartheid phase, trade between the two countries has seen a new impetus, with Mozambique being one of the main markets for South African products, but also a destination for large South African business investments, which has placed that country As one of the main investors in Mozambique. In fact, more than 300 South African companies operate in various sectors of the economy.

At the political and diplomatic level, the two states have signed more than 60 agreements and memoranda of understanding, in the areas of energy, labor and social security, politics, mining, defense and security, among others.

(source: OPAIS)