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MOZEFO project is based on the main reference documents, which have set a vision for the country and the region. So they were identified as MOZEFO foundational documents in the first instance, The 2025 Agenda and in the second instance, the African Peer Review Mechanism and the 2063 Agenda in the continent.

The 2025 Agenda signed in 2001 and updated in 2013, is the main MOZEFO reference document forum by its functional and symbolic value. The main document is the result of a multidimensional diagnosis of Mozambique, carried out by the entire nation, that is, the combination of will and knowledge of governance structures, various committees created for this purpose, coordinators of the sectoral and thematic groups and the panel, identifying dreams, priorities and strategies for a country in an accelerated growth.

The mapping of the transformations and the continuation of a participatory dialogue are essential conditions for Mozambique to fulfill its destiny. Only through a serious commitment to the future of the country and the involvement of all Mozambicans, from the ruling spheres to ordinary citizens, authentic living forces of society, it becomes possible to outline consensual power lines, guiding principles for the correction of disparities and the construction of social and material welfare.

Economy is regarded as a lever for progress, without neglecting the social, anthropological, cultural and political, national and international components, The 2025 Agenda a long-term vision for country's development, listing the objectives, formulating practical proposals and laying the foundations for a sustainable and inclusive growth. It is there where all strategic plans and other policy documents that feed the decision-making at national level derive.

The 2025 Agenda , matrix of thought and action, proclaims an endogenous and equitable development, a motto that inspires the creation of MOZEFO forum, autonomous platform, however heir of this integrated vision for Mozambique.

MOZEFO Forum brings together the public and private sectors and civil society in a discussion platform for the benefit of an accelerated, inclusive and sustainable growth in Mozambique.