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"Mozambique is a young democracy, a country with a dynamic economic and social context, which faces a set of challenges that require complex decisions in defining the road ahead.

In recent decades, several projects in key areas have been undertaken for the development of well-being and integrity of the population, such as health, education, energy and infrastructure. In this new period of our history, it is crucial to consolidate our achievements and create a solid foundation for structural reforms implementation. Gradually, with firmness and conviction, we go our way towards the future with the participation of all Mozambicans. Youth, in particular, appears as the vital axis for the construction of Mozambique, an active force that uses knowledge as the main vehicle in the development of innovative and creative solutions for the country.

In order to have an enlightened society, able to achieve the purposes of Mozambique, it is necessary to promote operational efficiency and job and services creation, establishing appropriate business practices that transform knowledge into pulsating energy, inexhaustible source of action. The focus on solidarity and appreciation of man reaches its full meaning when all social strata is included, thus performing the true and essential exchange of knowledge.

The primacy of inclusion and innovation should, with the same strength and perseverance, be applied in enhancing traditional riches of Mozambique: agriculture, key sector of the economy and livelihoods of 75% of the population; and industry, whose promotion is essential to the development of the country's ongoing economy.

The discovery of new sources of wealth presents great opportunities and challenges to Mozambique requiring reflection and a strategic framework. We need hope from natural resources, sustainable and redistributive policies at the formal economy, so as to cancel the existing disparities and promote balance between economic strength and development of our human capital.

The MOZEFO project, an initiative of SOICO group emerges in this transitional national context as a transformative program, a platform that aims at openly and effectively discussing the challenges that inhabit Mozambican horizon, sharing a vision and creating an opportunity for emergence of everyone’s opinions, ideas and aspirations.

The future is now. We, therefore, stress the optimism of a nation that is increasingly able to define the agenda of development independently. In this sense, MOZEFO forum aims at providing every citizen a lead in the decisions of Mozambique, fostering cooperation and synergy movements.

More than a theoretical reference, we want to play a catalytic role of processes which involve moving from theory into practice, and be an instrument that observes and acts in the field. Together, we want to promote Mozambique in the world as an entrepreneur country and international relief partner. The challenge of Mozambique is now. A challenge to the future. A legacy for the coming generation. "

Daniel David